Manaki Brothers

These days, Bitola is full of young people who are impressed by the films shown as part of the program of the “Manaki Brothers” festival. Many of them are students coming from many different countries, future cinematographers and directors, who exchange experiences, make friends, watch screenings together and participate in masterclasses. We asked them, what it means to them that they are here in Bitola and that they have the opportunity to be part of IFFK “Manaki Brothers”. Here is what they answered:

Dir. Myro Klochko, Academy of performing Arts Film and TV School (FAMU)

„Our staying during Manaki film festival was such a great experience. First of all I want to thank organizers for this format – that united us all during different activities: screenings, master classes and even our night bus to the hotel. These activities create the feeling that we are kind of a very big family, and it is lot about interaction and sharing of our thoughts. Thank you for giving the impression of belonging to the world of art“

DOP: Tomáš Šťastný, Academy of performing Arts Film and TV School (FAMU):

„I always appreciate, when is film festival about films and less about red carpet stuff. That’s what I have found here at Manaki. A lot of really in the film people, I can share feelings, thoughts and ideas. Great environment surrounding by mountains. What els can I wish for. Thanks and big up for whole festival team and people that helped to make it happened.“

Dir: Martin Repka, Academy of performing Arts Film and TV School (FAMU):

„We felt much welcomed from our first moment at Manaki. You can stop at the street going from screening to screening and have most inspiring discussion with one of the grestest cinematographers alive. Everyone is so open, I love the free spirit of Manaki!“

Dir: Granit Dragaj, Faculty of arts, Prishtina, Kosovo:

„Previously, I did not have any exposure of my work in Macedonia. I believe this will remain for a long time one of the best experiences in the city of Bitola”. The peculiarity of this festival is that there are many figures of the world’s film creators. The number of people and artists has exceeded my expectations. There are many students, general audience and artists from all over the world, I honestly did not expect such a large number of visitors. At the international film festival “Manaki Brother” I felt more motivated and inspired to continue even further because I see that it is worth it.“

Dir. Мykhailo Husak, Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and TV University:

„Manaki Brothers is my best festival experience. Its a perfect balance between screenings, masterclasses and Off program. Beautiful city of Bitola, beautiful movies, beautiful people… Thank you!“

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