Manaki Brothers



Manaki's Successors (awards)
24.9.2023 | 17:00 | CULTURAL CENTER

95’ | Estonia, Latvia

Cinematographer: Elen Lotman | Director: Jaak Kilmi

Kristjan and the other kids from the neighborhood are best friends and spend their summer days with games and adventures in an abandoned old factory. After being chased away from the grounds by Elmar, the grumpy security guard, a freak accident casts a dark shadow over the group – and Kristjan has to face the hardest decision of his young life. Will he dare to save a life against all odds?


Special Selection MK Minority Co-Pro
24.9.2023 | 21:15 | MANAKI CINEMA

113’ | Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, N. Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro

Cinematographer: Almir Djikoli | Director: Pjer Zalica

After ten years in Germany, Armin returns to Bosnia in the dead of night. It’s the May holidays, Armin just got married and he wants to surprise his father Fudo, but Fudo’s not home. The neighbor says: “They arrested Fudo, who knows why.” Chaos comes to the neighborhood.


Special Selection MK Minority Co-Pro
25.9.2023 | 17:00 | CULTURAL CENTER

120’ | Croatia, N. Macedonia, Kosovo

Cinematographer: Frane Pamić | Director: Lukas Nola

One night with a sex worker and two hotel employees who made him do the wrong thing, and Miro’s life will be forever changed.


Special screening in honor of Peter Biziou
25.9.2023 | 21:15 | MANAKI CINEMA

128’ | USA

Cinematographer: Peter Biziou | Director: Alan Parker

In 1964, two mismatched FBI agents investigate the disappearance of Civil Rights workers in a racist town. Their different attitudes track them to a segregated town and learn that not everyone wants the case solved.

26.9.2023 | 17:00 | CULTURAL CENTER


TAK TAK, 20′ | N. Macedonia
Cinematographer: Aleksandar Kasapinov | Director: Jane Altiparmakov

A TON OF ICE CREAM, 19′ | N. Macedonia
Cinematographer: Gjorgji Klincharov | Director: Sandra Gjorgieva

ARE YOU A MAN?, 15′ | N. Macedonia, Serbia
Chinematographer: Naum Doksevski | Director: Gjorce Stavreski

THE SCRIPT, 15′ | N. Macedonia
Cinematographer: Dusan Kardalevski | Director: Aleksandra Kardalevska

BOXES, 12′ | N. Macedonia
Cinematographer: Dejan Dimeski | Director: Angela Dimeska


Special selection
26.9.2023 | 21:15 | MANAKI CINEMA

105’ | Serbia

Cinematographer: Bojana Andrić | Director: Nenad Pavlovic

An aspiring journalist in Communist Yugoslavia, sets out on a journey to investigate a brutal murder in rural countryside.

27.9.2023 | 17:00 | CULTURAL CENTER


AIKEN 10′ | IT
Cinematographer Stefano Bianchi | Director: Luca Coassin


Special selection
27.9.2023 | 17:00 | CULTURAL CENTER

101’ | South Korea

Cinematographer: Ju-Yeol Han | Director: See-Woong Tak

Bo-Yeong moves into the mansion of her previously wealthy grandmother, Wang, as a caregiver with a dangerous intention. But once there, he will see that there is something supernatural in that mansion and in the lake.


Special screening in honor of Seamus McGarvey
27.9.2023 | 21:15 | MANAKI CINEMA

123’ | UK, France, USA

Cinematographer: Seamus McGarvey | Director: Joe Wright

Thirteen-year-old fledgling writer Briony Tallis irrevocably changes the course of several lives when she accuses her older sister’s lover of a crime he did not commit.


Special Selection MK Minority Co-Pro
28.9.2023 | 17:00 | CULTURAL CENTER

118’ | Greece, N. Macedonia, Germany

Cinematographer: Simos Sarketzis | Director: Asimina Proedrou

A tragic incident on Greece’s northern border strikes a local family of three, pushing them to face their own personal impasses, while having to deeply consider the price for their actions.

28.9.2023 | 21:15 | MANAKI CINEMA


SOIL, 30′ | N. Macedonia
Cinematographer: Joško Morović | Director: Alex Cvetkov

FEAR, 4′ | N. Macedonia
Director: Tode Blazevski

IF THERE WAS NO SKY, 29′ | N. Macedonia
Cinematographer: Nikola Kitanovski | Director: Branko Popchevski

LIVING IN A BUBBLE, 8′ | N. Macedonia
Directors: Natalie MacMahon & Nikola Drvoshanov

LOBUS FRONTALIS, 16′ | N. Macedonia
Cinematographer: Riste Pejovski | Director: Kristina Atovska

29.9.2023 | 17:00 | CULTURAL CENTER


Cinematographer: Carlos Diazmunoz | Director: Rodrigo Rodrigez


Special Selection MK Minority Co-Pro
29.9.2023 | 17:00 | CULTURAL CENTER

86’ | Croatia, N. Macedonia

Cinematographer: Branko Linta | Director: Goran Dukic

Almighty and all-knowing Jesus Christ, equally all-knowing auntie Anka, and a curious hog Beba are the main protagonists of this rural musical comedy, situated in the mellow Croatian Zagorje during the 1990s war years. The folklore backdrop of the village life is dominated by the dramatic love between Beba and Roki, a boar of half-Serbian origin, and the breakdown of the hair salon bonnet dryer that tragically leaves auntie Anka with a half-done haircut.

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