Manaki Brothers

Creature, by Guatemala-born Argentinian director Maria Silvia Esteve, was shown in the short film competition. Her first documentary was shown at IDFA, while Creature won an award at Locarno.

„I got the idea for the film in an exhausting period for me, when I was shooting a film. I was in such an emotional state that I wanted to make it into a film, it was pressing down on me. My idea was to take out all these emotional states and feelings. The film started as improvisation, I worked with my roommate, and then the development of the story became even more unbelievable after we won the prize in Locarno, because I didn’t believe we had any chance competing with all these films. I thought the film was technically imperfect, but the result was a perfect depiction of emotions“, Esteve said.

She said that the creature was shown through the branches intentionally; branches and trees represent our subconscious, the forest is a representative our her past, and in cooperation with the cinematographer they managed to show this even more poetically.

The two actresses in the film have recently graduated from acting school, but their authenticity was a result of the joint efforts to bring out the best in them.

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