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Born and raised in Naples, Daria D’Antonio AIC, embarked on her cinematic journey at a young age, quickly becoming a camera operator under DP Luca Bigazzi. She collaborated with renowned directors such as Silvio Soldini, Carlo Mazzacurati, Gianni Amelio, and Francesca Comencini.
Her breakthrough as a cinematographer came as the director of photography for the documentary “Il passaggio della Linea” (Crossing the Line), receiving awards like the Casa Rossa prize at the Bellaria Film Festival and a David di Donatello Awards nomination.
Daria’s talent led to work on feature films, commercials, and television, partnering with directors like Paolo Sorrentino, Cristina Comencini, Niccolo’ Ammaniti, and Pietro Marcello.
Daria made history as the first woman to win the Globo D’Oro for Best Cinematography twice, for “La pelle dell’orso” and “Ricordi,” and earned a Padroni di Casa nomination.
Her passion and collaborative spirit have connected her with esteemed filmmakers in Italy and worldwide, leaving an enduring impact on cinematography.


Peter Biziou BSC, born on August 8, 1944, in Wales, is a renowned British cinematographer. He began his career in the mid-1960s, collaborating on short films with directors like Norman J. Warren and Robert Freeman.
In 1973, Biziou embarked on a fruitful partnership with director Alan Parker, leading to notable works like “Bugsy Malone” (1976), “Monty Python’s Life of Brian” (1979), and “Pink Floyd – The Wall” (1982).
His pinnacle achievement came with an Academy Award and BAFTA Award for Best Cinematography for “Mississippi Burning” (1988). He also received a BAFTA Award nomination for “The Truman Show” (1998).
Biziou’s versatile cinematography enriched films such as “Another Country” (1984), “In the Name of the Father” (1993), “Richard III” (1995), and “Ladies in Lavender” (2004).
Peter Biziou’s legacy endures as a distinguished figure in the world of cinematography, celebrated for his visual storytelling prowess and cinematic contributions.


Teona Strugar Mitevska, a renowned Macedonian filmmaker, was born on March 14, 1974, in Skopje, Yugoslavia (now Macedonia). Her journey in the world of cinema began with a background as a child actor, followed by training as a painter and graphic designer. Her passion for storytelling led her to pursue an M.F.A program in film at the prestigious Tisch School of Arts, New York University.

Teona made her directorial debut with the short film “VETA” in 2001 and has continued to craft captivating films throughout her career. Notable works in her filmography include “HOW I KILLED A SAINT” (2004), “I AM FROM TITOV VELES” (2007), “THE WOMAN WHO BRUSHED OFF HER TEARS” (2012), “TERESA AND I” (2013), and “WHEN THE DAY HAD NO NAME” (2017).

One of her most celebrated works, “GOD EXISTS, HER NAME IS PETRUNIJA,” was shot in January 2018 and premiered in competition at the Berlin Film Festival in 2019. Her influence extends beyond her own projects, as she, along with her siblings, founded Sisters and Brother Mitevski, a production company that has co-produced films like “THE WILD PEAR TREE” by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, “NIGHTLIFE” by Damjan Kozole, and “SIERRANEVADA” by Cristi Puiu.

Teona Strugar Mitevska’s contributions to cinema have been recognized and honored on multiple fronts. In 2018, she received the esteemed Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres from France’s Ministry of Culture, a testament to her significant impact on the world of film and her continued dedication to artistic excellence.


Romain Lacourbas, ASC, AFC, born on June 19, 1977, in Paris, France, is a celebrated cinematographer known for his work on “The Witcher” (2019), and “ZeroZeroZero” (2019).
His cinematic journey began in 2000 when he joined a cinema school in Paris. An extraordinary opportunity arose when he trained under the renowned Director of Photography, Pierre Aïm, who became both his mentor and friend. Under Pierre’s guidance, Romain advanced from a trainee to a Director of Photography for the second unit, specializing in lighting and camera operation.
He embarked on his first feature film project with director Lola Doillon, followed by smaller budget films. A pivotal moment came when he met directors Olivier Megaton and Luc Besson, leading to collaborations on commercials and music videos. Olivier then entrusted Romain with his first international project, “Colombiana,” launching his career on the international stage. His television work includes both seasons of the Netflix series Marco Polo, for which he was nominated for an ASC Award,
Romain Lacourbas’s remarkable journey as a cinematographer exemplifies his talent, determination, and the doors that open with passion and skill. His work continues to shape the world of filmmaking, earning him a reputation as a distinguished cinematographer in the global film industry.


Domenico La Porta is a versatile figure in the media and entertainment realm. He serves as a movie critic and TV host at RTBF, while also holding the role of Editor at Additionally, Domenico is a pioneering transmedia producer, heading KWEB and leading transmedia initiatives at Wallimage, a Belgian film fund.
His transmedia expertise has shaped immersive storytelling experiences for projects like “The Suicide Shop,” “Ernest & Célestine,” and “Mood Indigo.” Notably, he orchestrated a successful crowdfunding for the animated series “Urbance.”
Domenico’s creative talents extend to screenwriting, with projects like “Urbance” and “Talion” in development.
In essence, Domenico La Porta’s multifaceted career showcases his remarkable impact as a media innovator and storyteller.



Tamara Kotevska, the accomplished film director, was born on August 9, 1993, in the picturesque city of Prilep, Macedonia. Her journey in the world of cinema began with a remarkable achievement when she won the Best Balkan Film international film award in the official competition at the Tirana International Documentary Film Festival. This accolade was bestowed upon her graduation documentary titled “Students” (49′), a project supported by Filmtrick and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, where she served as both the writer and director.
Kotevska’s talent and passion for storytelling soon led her to venture into the realm of environmental documentaries. Her inaugural professional work, “Lake of Apples” (27′), co-directed alongside UNDP support, garnered widespread acclaim and recognition. Notably, this environmentally conscious film earned her the prestigious Prix de l’environnement at the Festival National Nature Namur in France in 2017. Additionally, it received an honorable mention at the Innsbruck Film Festival in Austria and the esteemed Perseus award at the T-Festival in Brno, Czech Republic, all in the same year.
Kotevska spent three years in Bekirlija, North Macedonia filming the documentary “Honeyland”, which won three awards at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and received two nominations at the 92nd Academy Awards: Best Documentary Feature and Best International Feature Film.


Tatjana Krstevski SAS, a New York City-based cinematographer and Cinematography Professor at NYU Tisch School Of The Arts, began her artistic journey in fine arts, transitioning to photography and film. She explored various art forms, including music, graphic design, and acting, even co-founding the International Pancevo Film Festival in 2014.
As a director of photography, Tatjana has worked globally on feature films, documentaries, and more. Her film “The Load” premiered at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, winning 25 international awards. Her documentary “Depth-Two” premiered at Berlinale in 2016, with 19 international awards, including 8 main prizes.
Tatjana is the recipient of the “Vilko Filac” Best Cinematography Award for “Made of Ashes” at the Kustendorf Film Festival in 2012 and is a Berlinale Talent Campus Alumna. Her artistic journey is a testament to her dedication to storytelling through the lens.


Samir Karahoda’s artistic journey began in 1992 when he started working as a photographer. In 2003, he completed his photography studies at the Academy of Fine Arts at Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul. Beyond photography, he is also a cinematographer, tutor, and curator of the short film program at the Documentary and Short Film Festival, DokuFest.
Karahoda has cinematographed numerous shorts and feature films, including his own works. His directorial debut, the documentary short film “In Between” (Në mes), premiered at the Berlinale in 2019. His second short film, “Displaced” (Pa vend), premiered at the Official Competition at Festival de Cannes in 2021, earning an EFA nomination for European Film Awards 2021.
“Displaced” also received accolades, such as the IMDb Pro short cuts award for Best Short Film at the Toronto International Film Festival and Best Non-Fiction at Sundance Film Festival. In 2019, he was honored with the Annual Cinematography Award from the Ministry of Culture of Kosovo.
Samir Karahoda’s work continues to inspire in the realms of cinematography and photography, making him a notable figure in the world of visual storytelling.



Anastas N. Michos ASC, GSC, a distinguished cinematographer, boasts Emmy nominations, showcasing his remarkable versatility across various genres. His confident style and dynamic vision have graced films like “Sparkle,” “Jumping the Broom,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D,” “Untraceable,” “Freedomland,” “Mona Lisa Smile,” and “Perfect Stranger.”
Michos’ artistry shines when working with leading actresses such as Beyonce Knowles, Halle Berry, and Julia Roberts. He has collaborated with top directors, including Milos Forman, Oliver Stone, and Ron Howard.
Before becoming a Director of Photography, Michos was a respected camera and Steadicam operator. He remains an active member of the ASC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and he shares his expertise through lectures at universities and workshops in the US and Europe. Michos is a cinematic storyteller, leaving an indelible mark on filmmaking.


Brand Ferro, began his cinematic journey as an amateur filmmaker, earning acclaim at domestic amateur film festivals. He later transitioned into professional cinematography, contributing his skills to documentaries, features, shorts, and TV series.
In 2003, he founded Petra Pan Film, an independent production company in Ljubljana and Skopje. In 2010, he established the MakeDox International Creative Documentary Film Festival in Skopje and introduced the Traveling Docu Cinema in the Balkans.
Brand is a member of the European Film Academy (EFA) and received recognition for cinematography at the SEE Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2017. His career epitomizes a passion for storytelling through the lens and a commitment to cinematic excellence.


Neil Young, a versatile freelance writer, curator and filmmaker, hails from Sunderland, England, and now resides in Vienna. His journey in film criticism began in 2008 with regular reviews for The Hollywood Reporter and expanded to include numerous features for Sight & Sound since 2010. Neil’s insightful contributions are not limited to these renowned publications; he also regularly writes for international outlets and has a dedicated column on short documentaries in Modern Times Review.
Neil is an active member of FIPRESCI and the London Critics’ Circle, attending over 25 film festivals annually and participating in more than two dozen juries, including Cannes’ Semaine de la Critique. He plays a significant role in various film festivals, such as the Viennale, Vienna Shorts (heading the Austrian national-competition section), Crossing Europe, and Kortfilmfestivalen.
From 2011 to 2015, Neil served as the Director of the Bradford International Film Festival, leaving a lasting impact on the event. Alongside his critical and curatorial work, Neil is a filmmaker, with notable shorts like “Vilniu Detroit” (2017), “Towing Dispatch” (2018), and “Fictional Breweries” (2020). His 103-minute experimental documentary, “Rihaction,” premiered in 2019.
In 2019, Neil made his acting debut in Joanna Hogg’s “The Souvenir”. His multifaceted career reflects his profound passion for cinema, and his contributions as a film critic, curator, filmmaker, and consultant have left an enduring imprint on the global cinematic landscape.

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