Manaki Brothers

Ilija Pavlov’s first feature film is called Rebirth: Voice of Silence, where he had the roles of director, cinematographer and actor; actress Vucica Nastova also appears in the film.

The film had its premiere at the ICFF Manaki Brothers and showcased a new philosophical approach.

„The majority of the film is split-screen for a reason: the first story is Rebirth and the second is Voice of Silence. I will not reveal too much about their meaning; I will leave it up to the viewers’ free interpretation. I did almost everything, the editing, the mix master, etc. I cooperated with Ivica Jankulovski, who has worked with Manu Chao and Kiril Dzajkovski, Novogradska… I had a team in the beginning, but I realized that we will not have time to film it, so I continued alone. I am very satisfied with the complete work, because I had freedom as an actor and responsibility as the author“, Pavlov said at today’s press conference.

Are we alone, our perception of alienation, closeness, feelings for others, are some of the topics that Pavlov addresses in his film with an interesting approach.

„I have always been interested in the absolute, primarily absolute love. The one Jesus talks about. I do not believe in him, but he speaks about the absolute that no one can attain. The first issue was how to get closer to absolute love, to love a person that you cannot touch, whom we don’t even known if we can hear… One of the topics in the film is whether this girl really exists or is just a figment of Pavel’s imagination. I am interested in deep issues and I believe that films can open up more questions than a book. I do not compare one with the other, but if you allow the viewers to put their souls in the film, you get a product that works on many levels. I simply think that there is something much deeper in the saying “One film seen by 100 people is 100 different films”. In the film there are elements that are deeply engraved in me“, Pavlov explained, adding that before this film he has made five other films and wrote two scripts that he will start filming soon.

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