Manaki Brothers


MK, RS | 95'
29.9.2023 | 20:00 | CULTURAL CENTER
Director: Igor Aleksov | Stars: Tony Naumovski, Sara Klimoska, Deniz Abdula

A story of two runaways. He lost his love condemned to a solitude. She, being an orphan, raped, abused, bitten, never had one. When their roads cross, their worlds turn upside down.


Dushan Kardalevski, born in 1980, is a prominent Macedonian Cinematographer known for his work in feature films, including “HEY” (2018), “MOCKING WITH CHRIST” (2018), “COMA” (2022), “OPERATION KERBER” (2022), and “LENA AND VLADIMIR” (2023). His work as a Cinematographer extends to numerous awarded short films, documentary projects, and a wide array of TV commercials, earning him acclaim for his storytelling and visual prowess. Kardalevski, holding the position of Vice President at the Macedonian Society of Cinematographers, plays an active role in promoting and nurturing emerging talents in the field.

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