23-30 September 2017


For the seventh year in line we are counting our collaboration with the International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”. This year we have chosen 7 films presented in the three competitions (International, National, Labo) of our 2016 Festival to be part of the short competition program at the ICFF “Manaki Brothers”. These films are fiction films with maximum length of 15 minutes and have achieved very interesting workd as images. We thank the Festival “Manaki Brothers” for their trust and hope that the spectators and the jury will appreciate these films. We wish you all a great festival.


Tim Redford,
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival



hpozitivH POSITIVE
UK/ Spain/ 2015/ Fiction/ 7'


Director: Glenn Paton
Scr: Glenn Paton, Nick Walters
Cinematographer: Federico Alfonzo
Cast: Roger Barclay


STORY: This story examines how the protagonist Mark uses his wealth to help create a euthanasia roller coaster. A roller coaster so powerful, it causes cerebral hypoxia, thus suffocating your brain ensuring a euphoric death. Would you manipulate euthanasia so that you could die on your own terms?



Japan/ 2015/ Fiction - Documentary/ 15'


Director: Kei Chikaura
Scr: Kei Chikaura, Yukinari Takamura
Cinematographer: Ryota Kurata
Cast: Ikuo Kobayashi, Risaki Kobayashi, Hiroshi Sumida


STORY: Risaki comes back home to the snow-covered countryside of Yamagata, 400 km away from Tokyo. There is the seemingly unchanging snowy life of her beloved family - shoveling snow, making pickles, bridges over a big river covered with snow and kaki fruits left unharvested on the tree.



France, Belgique/ 2015/ Fiction/ 11'


Director: Vladilen Vierny
Scr: Vladilen Vierny
Cinematographer: Amine Berrada
Улоги/ Cast: Freddy Dufrane, Egon Di Mateo, Pietro Florio


STORY: A young food delivery man comes face to face with the lives of the elderly.



France/ 2015/ Experimental – Documentary/ 6'


Director: Romain Champalaune
Scr: Romain Champalaune
Cinematographer: Romain Champalaune
Cast: Sung-Yin Youn


STORY: Samsung is the largest company in South Korea, representing twenty per cent of its GDP. Through its seventy - nine subsidiaries, the company is omnipresent in every layer of society and every aspect of daily life. The story of a fictional Samsung worker exemplifies this premise.


Kirghizstan/ 2015/ Fiction/ 13'


Director: Elnura Osmonalieva
Scr: Elnura Osmonalieva
Cinematographer: Chananun Chotrungroj
Cast: Stanbek Toichubaev, Kaliman Kalybek Kyzy, Kanat Abdrahmanov, Razha Alieva


STORY: Young Seide lives in a remote mountain village. Her closest friend is her horse. She loves her freedom to ride the horse and play with the village boys. Her stamina and good spirit don't go unnoticed and soon she is faced with the prospect of an arranged marriage.



northern great mountainNORTHERN GREAT MOUNTAIN
Sweden/ 2015/ Fiction/ 15'


Director: Amanda Kernell
Сценарио/ Scr: Amanda Kernell
Cinematographer: Petrus Sjövik
Cast: Maj-Doris Rimpi, Olle Sarri, Anne Biret Somby


STORY: 78-year-old Elle does not like Sami people though her first language was Sami and she grew up in the mountains in Lapland. Now she claims that she is completely Swedish and from the south. Under pressure from her son, she reluctantly returns north for her sister's funeral.



le parkLE PARK
France/ 2015/ Fiction - Experimental/ 14'


Director: Randa Maroufi
Scr: Randa Maroufi
Cinematographer: Luca Coassin
Cast: Nora Aitlkadi, Mohamed Chri


STORY: A slow wandering look through an abandoned amusement park in the heart of Casablanca. On the one hand, the film draws a portrait of the youth who frequent this place. On the other, it exposes snapshots of their lives, meticulously reframed and often inspired by images found on social networks.



Macedonia/ 2016/ Fiction/ 15'


Director: Eleonora Veninova
Scr: Eleonora Veninova
Cinematographer: Dimo Popov
Cast: Ilija Strumenikovski, Mile Grozdanov


STORY: In a deserted Macedonian village, the last remaining occupant, grandpa Milojko, goes to his deceased wife’s grave. He carefully plans his own death in empty grave next to his wife’s. His plan seems perfect until one morning he faces an even older man than him, grandpa Janko, sitting on the other side of the open grave. Janko claims that the open grave belongs to his parents and he has the right to inhabit it. The two men start arguing about who gets to die in the last grave. In an absurd twist of fate, Milojko’s fight for death turns into a battle for the life of a man he doesn’t even know.