23-30 September 2017


In line with the tradition, this year too I am offering an excellent program in the main competition composed of 14 films, the selection of which was mainly drawn from the festivals in Cannes, Berlin, while one film also comes from Karlovy Vary, Rotterdam and Gothenburg each, as an additional proof that attending more festivals provides the advantage of seeing a wider scope of films and guarantees the selection of the highest quality films from the latest international film production. The domination of European films is apparent, yet our alibi for this is the collaboration we have started with MEDIA, although we devotedly remain a festival of international cinematographers. Our loyal admirers, the respected film-lovers and devotees to the Manaki Brothers Festival will be convinced once again that when it comes to the cinematographers, I am continuing the relationship, the line of representation of those cinematographers who have already participated in our previous editions and have been presented with an award, thus contributing to their increased global acclaim, and we are proud that some of them have even been discovered and launched as talents exactly at our festival. This primarily applies to the two ladies, the Argentinean Natasha BRAIER who at the 30th, jubilee edition of the Manaki Brothers, won the Golden Camera 300 for the film THE MILK OF SORROW, and enters this year's selection with a dramatically different picture in terms of photography and cinematography, the op-art visual expression in the horror-suspense THE NEON DEMON by the Danish-American enfant terrible, co-writer and director Nicolas WINDIG REFN. The other lady is the New-Zealander Ginny/Virginia LOANE, who was launched by our festival as a proven talent in cinematography, with her creation in the drama about a Maori family and the generation clash within it in the 1960s, in the PATRIARCH by the experienced director Lee TAMAHORI.
In the group of world-acclaimed cinematographers connected to our festival are the two previous laureates: the Australian Chris DOYLE (winner of the Golden Camera 300 for the Chinese film Hero) and Frenchman Benoit DEBIE (Silver Camera 300 for the excellent Enter the Void), the former connecting his creative temper with the Latin-American veteran Alejandro JODOROWSKY, in his autobiographically inspired film poetics in the picture THE ENDLESS POETRY, while the latter, in the tandem with Stephanie Di GUSTO, in the film DANCER paints sort of a dancing poem with several impressive sequences of dancing mastery which bursts out as a lavish visual sensation. In the opening film LIBERATION OF SKOPJE, Dejan DIMESKI, who comes from the lines of our own cinematographers, reaffirms the record he holds in participations in the main competition of the Manaki Brothers. This year, the maturity of his expression is validated through the subtle family-historic war psycho-drama, co-created with the tandem of directors, the father and son Rade and Danilo ŠERBEDŽIJA.
An affirmation of the potentials and vitality of the Romanian cinema from Berlin and Cannes is also the fact that as many as three Romanian cinematographers have found their way into our main competition. Tudor Vladimir PANDURU draws us into his Gama of dark shades and is a camera-witness of the general decadence of modern Romania which produces existential fears in the film by the Cannes winner Cristian MUNGIU, GRADUATION. Complementary to this, his fellow-cinematographer Barbu BALASOIU, in the modern confessional family drama SIERANEVADA by writer and director Cristi PUIU - with the delicate, tempting static position of the camera in the interior of an apartment, accomplishes the feat of following the action, monologues and dialogues of at least a dozen actors in the long sequential shots without letting the attention/tension drop for even a second during the full 3 hours. The third Romanian cinematographer in our competition is Oleg MUTU, who in the Polish feature UNITED STATES OF LOVE, along with writer-director 36-year-old Tomazh VASILEWSKI take us back to the Poland of the 1990s, painting a mosaic of women's drama reminiscent of the expression and spirit of the Kieslowski-Idziak tandem in some of their films from the cult Decalogue. An example that a certain cinematographer can irresistibly impose his/her talent twice in a row is the Italian Serb from Sarajevo, educated in Rome, where he has been living and working for a long time now - Vladan RADOVIC, who after last year's success with ANIME NERE this year returns to the main competition with his latest film LIKE CRAZY directed by Paolo VIRZI with whom they build an adventure psycho-comedy-drama about a bizarre female duo.
A substantial group of mainly younger cinematographers make their debut in our competition which will, at the same time, serve as their launch into the crème de la crème of cinematographers, bearing in mind how strong the competition is. The Belgian Flemish Ruben IMPENS, together with director Felix van GROENINGEN, in the dynamically shot BELGICA, with a dominant music background which is in the spirit of the plot about the two, different in character, brothers who are owners of the popular night club with the same name, manages to set the rhythm of the film to the beat of music through the voluptuous visual expression. An even more typical example is the Finnish representative THE HAPPIEST DAY IN THE LIFE OF OLLI MAKI, the work of a truly talented tandem - director Juho KUOSMANEN who has an effective debut with this long-feature film aided by the more experienced cinematographer Jani-Petteri PASS who takes advantage of black and white to capture the past from the summer of 1962 when the drama of the infatuated boxer Olli Maki takes place, and whose exceptional photography and cinema aesthetics evokes the zeitgeist and the heart-warming story about the young tender-hearted boxer drenched in it. The two examples of tandems consisting of members with different nationalities are also quite specific, one in the film SOY NERO as a creation of the experiences Iranian writer-director, schooled in London in film and photography, Rafi PITTS and the Greek Christos KARAMANIS who in this German-French-Mexican co-production observe a typically American modern phenomenon in which the immigrants who have come to the promise land, in order to provide a certificate of citizenship, end up thrown into the American war machinery as commandoes on the nightmarish front of the war outbreaks in the Middle East, where, if they manage to escape being killed like lab rats by the Jihadists, remain psychologically maimed for the rest of their lives from the trauma they were subjected to, which Karamanis masterfully depicts by using terrifying real documentary sequences shot from the battles on No man's land. A different tandem in nationality (both of them educated in the USA) signs the film BANG GANG (A MODERN LOVE STORY) which is the debut of the young French woman Eva HUSSON, aided in the visual shaping of the story by the experienced Dane, Mattias TROELSTRUP, who introduce us to the world of modern teenagers, caught up in the extremity of promiscuous experimentation and free love, all of them children of the modern digital technology, the domination of You Tube, Facebook, mobile phones, all of this used as arsenal for the general spiritual degeneration. In the German movie by TONI ERDMANN, the writer and director Maren ADE hits he bulls' eye with her third long feature, a stunning comedy-drama about the unusual relationship and attempt at reconciliation between the alienated, anarchic father, with his young daughter who is submersed in a dehumanizing business. The experienced cinematographer Patrick ORTH, as the third character/witness (most often with a handheld camera), arbitrates between the excellent tandem of actors.
Finally, we close the Festival with the second Macedonian film THE GOLDEN FIVE (out of competition), a historic-modern interpolated moral drama, temperately directed by Goran TRENCHOVSKI, while the experienced cinematographer Apostol TRPEVSKI, adequately and optimally shapes the visual atmosphere.

Blagoja Kunovski - Dore



osloboduvane na skopje 12222THE LIBERATION OF SKOPJE (Opening film)
Republic of Macedonia; Croatia; Finland-2016

Directors: Rade and Danilo ŠERBEŽIJA
Cinematographer: Dejan DIMESKI
Editor: Nicolas GASTER
Producers: Robert NASKOV, Gorjan TOZIJA, Igor NOLA, Vladimir ANASTASOV,  Arto HALONEN
Prod.Co.: Partysans, Lijeni Film, MP Film production, Art Films Production, Kino Oko, F&ME
R.t.: 110 min.
Languages: Macedonian, German, Bulgarian

Rade ŠERBEŽIJA (Gjorgjija)
Silvija STOJANOVSKA (Lence)
David TODOSOVSKI (Zoran)
Lucija ŠERBEŽIJA (Lica)
Nebojsa GLOGOVAC (Dusan)
Petar MIRCEVSKI (Agent Gospodinov)

Zoran, an eight-year old boy, is the hero of this story. It is through his eyes that we experience all the cruelty of war, the poverty, suffering and the images of the occupation of Skopje…

Dejan DimeskiDejan DIMESKI, cinematographer:
Born 1971 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. In 1996 graduated at the FDU/Faculty of Drama Arts, Department of Film&TV Camera, in Skopje. He is one of the most talented and most active cinematographer of his generation, in both, domestic and international production (mostly in Russia). So far, he has signed 14 shorts, documentaries, TV Movies and TV mini-series. His previous film LAZAR (directed and written by Svetozar Ristovski, who is this year a member of the Jury), opened last year’s Manaki Brothers Festival.
FILMOGRAPHY (selected): WORD (2015); THE BALCAN IS NOT DEAD (2013, in Competition of 34th Manaki); THIS IS NOT AN AMERICAN MOVIE (2011); A NAME IS A NAME (2010); SOME OTHERS STORIES (2010, Omnibus-Macedonian story); THE WOMEN WANT TO KNOW (2008, TV Series, Russia)…



siera nevadaSIERANEVADA
Romania, Macedonia, /Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Croatia - 2016

Director&Scr.: Cristi PUIU
Cinematographer: Barbu BALASOIU
Editor: Ciprian CIMPOI
Producer: Anca PUIU
Str. Ghe. Bratianu, nr.4, ap 2
011413 Bucharest 1-Romania; ALCATRAZ FILMS (France); SISTERS AND BROTHER MITEVSKI (Macedonia); PRODUCTION2006 D.O.O.Sarajevo (BiH); SPIRITUS MOVENS PROD. (Croatia); IADASARECASA (Romania)
R.t.: 173 min.
Language: Romanian

Branescu MIMI (Lary)
Dana DOGARU (Nusa)
Marin GRIGORE (Sebi)
Rolando MATSANGOS (Gabi)
Tatiana LEKEL (Tanti Evelina)

Three days after the terrorist attack on the offices of Parisian weekly Charlie Hebdo and forty days after the death of his father, Lary, a doctor in his forties is about to spend the Saturday at a family gathering to commemorate the deceased. But, the occasion does not go according to expectations…

Barbu Balas DOP 1Barbu BALASOIU, cinematographer:
Born 1983, in Bucharest, he is also producer. Started as camera operator for different productions one of which being CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’, directed by Cristian Namescu, which won the Un Certain Regard award in Cannes 2007. Made his debut as cinematographer with the short film A GOOD DAY FOR A SWIM (2008, won the Golden Bear at Berlinale short Competition). In 2011 he collaborated with director Antonio Mendez on their debut feature film AQUI Y ALLA (won the Semaine de la Critique Grand Prix at Cannes 2012, plus other 10 awards at various festivals worldwide). Last year he also co-produced and shot the short film FIRST NIGHT, by Andrei Tanase which was selected for the Short Competition of the 73rd Festival in Venice 2016.



neon demon elle fanning 1 1THE NEON DEMON
Denmark, France-2016

Director: Nicolas Winding REFN
Scr.: Nicolas Winding REFN, Mary LAWS, Polly STENHAM
Cinematographer: Natasha BRAIER
Editor: Matthew NEWMAN
Music: Cliff MARTINEZ
Producers: Lene BORGLUM, Nicolas Winding REFN, Sidonie DUMAS, Vincent MARAVAL
Kvaesthusgade 5C, 3, DK
1251 Copenhagen K-Danemark
R.t.: 117 min.
Language: English

Elle FANNING (Jessie)
Jena MALONE (Ruby)
Abbey LEE (Sarah)
Bella HEATHCOTE (Gigi)
Keanu REEVES (Hank)

When aspiring model Jessie moves to LA, her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty-obsessed women who will use any means necessary to get what she has in The Neon Demon…

Natasha BrierNatasha BRAIER, cinematographer:
Born 11 December, 1974, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After her studies in Argentina, Spain/Barcelona and UK, she started out as cinematographer in 1996 with the short film INFINITA, then made 12 more shorts up to 2003 when she became the second unit cinematographer in the long feature film MY LIFE WITHOUT ME, directed by Isabel Coixet. She continued to shoot shorts until 2006 when she became the operator and cinematographer in the feature GLUE. In 2007 as cinematographer of the film XXY, directed by Lucia Puenzo, she became internationally more recognized. The same year, she was once again successful with the film IN THE CITY OF SILVIA, directed by Jose Luis Guerin. She worked with the British director Shane Meadows in the film SOMERS TOWN. THE MILK OF SORROW is her greatest success, (after winning The Golden Bear for the Best Film in Berlin 2009), the same year at the 30th Manaki Brothers festival, she won The Golden Camera 300.




France, Belgium, Czech Republic - 2016

Director: Stephanie Di GIUSTO
Scr.: Stephanie Di GIUSTO, Sarah THIBAU, Thomas BIDEGAIN (Freely adapted from the novel “Loie Fuller, danseuse de la Belle Epoque” by Giovanni Lista)
Cinematographer: Benoit DEBIE
Editor: Geraldine MANGENOT
Producer: Alain ATTAL
12 rue Barbette 75003 Paris-(France); LES FILMS DU FLEUVE (Belgium); SIRENA FILM (Czech Republic)
R.t.: 108 min.
Language: French, English

SOKO (Loie Fuller)
Gaspard ULLIEL (Louis)
Melanie THIERRY (Gabrielle)
Lily Rose DEPP (Isadora Duncan)

Nothing in her background destined Loie Fuller from the American Midwest to become a Belle Epoque icon, even less a dancer at the Paris Opera. Even at the risk of destroying her back and burning her eyes with the stage lights, she will never falter in the quest to perfect her dance. But her meeting with Isadora Duncan-a young prodigy hungry for glory-will lead to her downfall…

benoit debie cinematographer 2502xBenoit DEBIE, cinematographer:
Born 1960 in Liege, Belgium. Studied at the IAD/Institute of Arts of Diffusion, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium (1983-87). He is also an actor. His international career started intensively in 2002 after shooting the film IRREVERSIBLE by Gaspar Noe, who was also a cinematographer in the film. They continued their collaboration with the films: ENTER THE VOID (2010 at the 31st Manaki Brothers, Debie got “The Silver Camera 300”) and LOVE (2016). His other important films are (selected): THE CARD PLAYER (2004, dir. Dario Argento); INNOCENCE (2004/Best Cinematography Award at Stockholm FF, dir. Lucile Hadzihalilovic); JOSHUA (2007/Best Cinematography Award at Sundance FF, dir. George Ratliff); THE RUNAWAYS (2010, dir. Floria Sigismondi); SPRING BRAKERS (2012, dir. Harmony Korine); LOST RIVER (2013, dir. Ryan Gosling); COLT 45 (2014, dir. Fabrice Du Weiz); EVERY THING WILL BE FINE (2015, dir. Wim Wenders).




Finland, Sweden, Germany - 2016

Director: Juho KUOSMANEN
Cinematographer: J-P PASSI
Editor: Jussi RAUTANIEMI
Music: Laura AIROLA, Joonas HAAVISTO, Miika SNARE
Producer: Jussi RANTAMAKI
/Prod.Co.: AAMU FILM COMPANY, Hiihtomaentie 34-00800, Helsinki (Finland); ONE TWO FILMS (Germany); Tre Vanner Produktion AB (Sweden)
R.t.: 92 min.
Languages: Finish, English

Jarkko LAHTI (Olli Maki)
Oona AIROLA (Raija Janka)
Eero MILONOFF (Elis Ask)

Summer 1962, Olli Maki has a shot at the world championship title in featherweight boxing. From the Finnish countryside to the bright lights of Helsinki, everything has been prepared for his fame and fortune. All Olli has to do is lose weight and concentrate. But, there is a problem-he has fallen in love with Raija…

SieppaaJ-P PASSI, cinematographer:
Born 1974, has been working as a cinematographer since his graduation in 2000. In addition to shooting films, he also works as a screenwriter and director in both feature and documentary productions. Films shot/directed/written by him have been screened in festivals worldwide and awarded, for example in Cannes, Locarno, Visions Du Reel, Prix Europe and South by Southwest.

Romania, France, Belgium - 2016

Director&Scr.: Christian MUNGIU
Cinematographer: Tudor Vladimir PANDURU
Editor: Mircea OLTEANU
Producer: Christian MUNGIU
Prod.Co.: MOBRA FILMS, Intrarea Serdarului, 5
011377 Bucharest, Romania; WHY NOT PRODUCTIONS (France); LES FILMS DU FLEUVE (Belgium); FRANCE 3 CINEMA (France)
R.t.: 127 min.
Language: Romanian

Adrian TITIENI (Romeo)
Maria DRAGUS (Eliza)
Lia BUGNAR (Magda)
Malina MANOVICI (Sandra)
Vlad IVANOV (Chief inspector)

Romeo Aldea (49), a physician living in a small mountain town in Transylvania, has raised his daughter Eliza with the idea that once she turns 18, she will leave to study and live abroad. His plan is close to succeeding-Eliza has got a scholarship to study psychology in UK. She just has to pass her final exams-a formality for such a good student. But, on the day prior to her first written exam, an incident jeopardizes Eliza’s departure…

Tudor PanduruTudor Vladimir PANDURU, cinematographer:
Born in 1989 in Piatra Neamt, Romania. Graduated National Film and Theatre University “I.L. Caragiale” in cinematography and, from the same University, he has a Master on The Art of Cinematography. He started as an assistant/cinematographer and camera operator for a known Romanian cinematographer Oleg Mutu on several feature and short films. He has made his debut as a cinematographer for the feature film “Proiecte de trecut” directed by Andrei Zinca in 2014 and his second film is BACALAUREAT.

Soy Nero 1SOY NERO
Germany, France, Mexico - 2016

Director: Rafi PITTS
Scr.: Rafi PITTS, Razvan RADULESCU
Cinematographer: Christos KARAMANIS
Editor: Danielle ANEZIN
Music: Rhys CHATHAM
Producer: Thanassis KARATHANOS
Prod.Co.: Twenty Twenty Vision Filmproduktion Berlin, Germany
R.t.: 120 min.
Languages: англиски/English, шпански/Spanish

Johnny ORTIZ (Nero)
Rory COCHRANE (McLoud)
Aml AMEEN (Bronx)
Rosa FRAUSTO (Mercedes)

The border fence between Mexico and US is part of their lives…When Nero scales the metres-high metal bars we suspect that he has done this often before: because nothing is going to divert him from his dream of becoming a US citizen…Before he knows it, Nero finds himself in the desert landscape of the war zones of the Middle East, fighting for his citizenship with a machine gun in his hands…

FullSizeRenderChristos KARAMANIS, cinematographer:
Born in Thessaloniki in 1966. He studied in Stavrakos Film School in Athens. He started working in the audiovisual sector in the beginning of the 90’s. His first work as a DOP was in 2001 with ONE DAY A NIGHT (feature film by G.Panousopoulos). Since then he has worked in more than 20 Feature Films, Short Films and Documentaries as cinematographer plus more than 200 commercials, many of them awarded, including the Award for Best Cinematography at the Virtuoso Awards for the ACTION AID spot “The Hand”. His work includes such film titles as (selected): SOY NERO (2016), SUNTAN (2015), TALE 52’ (2008), WEDNESDAY (2014), 04:45, NORWAY (2013), CHEVALIER (2015)-all awarded films at the international festivals.

endless poetry2 h 2016ENDLESS POETRY
France, Chile-2016

Director&Scr.: Alejandro JODOROWSKY (based on his “Poesia sin fin”)
Cinematographer: Christopher DOYLE
Editor: Maryline MONTHIEUX
Producers: Alejandro JODOROWSKY, Moises COSIO, Takashi ASAI, Abbas NOKHASTEH
Prod.Co.: SATORI FILMS, 117 rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris-France;
Le Soleil Films (Chile); Le Pacte (France)
R.t.: 128 min.
Language: Spanish

Adan JODOROWSKY (Alejandro)
Pamela FLORES (Sara)
Brontis JODOROWSKY (Jaime)
Jeremias HERSKOVITS (Alehandrito)
Leandro TAUB (Enrique Lihn)

STORY:Through Alejandro Jodorowsky’s autobiographical lens, is narrated the time of the Chilean artist’s youth during which he liberated himself from all of his former limitations, from his family, and was introduced into the foremost bohemian artistic circle of 1940s Chile…A tribute to Chile’s artistic heritage, the film is also an ode to the quest for beauty and inner truth…

christopher doyle 10Christopher DOYLE, cinematographer:
Born 1952 in Sidney, New South Wales, Australia. He is one of the most distinguished world’s cinematographers. He successfully works in Australia, USA and especially in Hong Kong where he became a creative partner of the leading Asian/Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai. He was the cinematographer of almost all Kar-Wai’s films. In 2003 at the 24th Manaki Brothers Competition he won The Golden Camera 300 for the Chinese film HERO, directed by Zhang Yimou and the same year he was our Laureate of “The Special Golden Camera 300 for the Exceptional Contribution to the World Film Art”. FILMOGRAPHY (selected, from the 76 credits up to now ): BEIJING, NEW YORK (2015); TILL DEATH DO US PART (2012); OCEAN HEAVEN (2010); PARANOID PARK (2007); INVISIBLE WAVES (2006); 2046 (2004); LAST LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE (2003); HERO (2003); RABBIT-PROOF FENCE (2002); IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000); PSYCHO (1998); HAPPY TOGETHER (1997); FALLEN ANGELS (1995); ASHES OF TIME (1994); CHUNKING EXPRESS (1994); NOIR ET BLANK (1986); THAT DAY, ON THE BEACH (1983).




Director: Paolo VIRZI
Scr.: Paolo VIRZI, Francesca ARCHIBUGI
Cinematographer: Vladan RADOVIC
Editor: Cecilia ZANUSO
Music: Carlo VIRZI
Producer: Marco BELARDI
Prod.Co.: LEONE FILM GROUP, Via Birmania 74/76, 00144 Rome, Italy; Lotus Production s.r.l. (Italy)
R.t.: 116 min.
Language: Italian

Valeria Bruni TEDESCHI (Beatrice)
Micaela RAMAZZOTTI (Donatella)

Beatrice is a mythomaniac and so-called billionaire countess who likes to believe she’s in intimacy with world leaders. Donatella is a young quiet tattooed woman, locked in her own mystery. They are both patients of a mental institution and subject to custodial measures…Their unpredictable friendship and their escape from the treatment constraints, will become an hilarious and moving adventure…

Vladan Radovic Vladan RADOVIC, cinematographer:
Born on December 15th, 1970 in Sarajevo. After finishing secondary school he moves to Rome, continuing his education at The Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia , by attending the 3-year-long cinematography course led by the famous Giuseppe Rotunno. As a cinematographer, up to now, he has 45 credits for short and long feature films. His world reputation is connected with the debut film SAIMIR (2004, two awards in Venice 2004 as best debut film) by the director Francesco Munzi. They continued working together in the second Munzi’s film THE REST OF THE NIGHT (2008, Cannes Quinzaine). With their third collaboration ANIME NERE/BLACK SOULS, Radovic participated in the last year’s/36th Manaki Brothers Competition Camera 300 and was appointed by the International Jury, invited on stage. He has received many awards such are “(selected): The Best Cinematography Laszlo Kovacs for the film RED LIKE THE SKY (2008,at Newport Beach Film Festival); Kodak Award for HOMO HOMINI LUPUS; Best Cinematography Festival del cinema Citta di Spello, 2011; 2015, David di Donatello Awards for Best Cinematography for BLACK SOULS. Member of AIC and IMAGO.


ToniErdmann Still 01 SandraHuller PeterSimonischek 1TONI ERDMANN
Germany, Austria, Romania - 2016

Director&Scr.: Maren ADE
Cinematographer: Patrich ORTH
Editor: Heike PARPLIES
Producers: Maren ADE, Jonas DORNBACH, Janine JACKOWSKI, Michel MERKT
Prod.Co.: KOMPLIZEN FILM, Hagelberger Str.57, 10965 Berlin-Germany;
R.t.: 164 min.
Languages: германски/German, англиски/English

Sandra HULLER (Ines)
Peter SIMONISCHEK (Winfried/Toni Erdman)

Practical joker Winfried disguises himself as flashy “Toni Erdman” to get busy Ines’ attention and change her corporate lifestyle. The father-daughter challenge reaches absurd proportions until Ines begins to see that her eccentric father deserves a place in her life…

ORTH PATRICK 1Patrick ORTH, cinematographer:
Born 1968 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Studied at the Hamburger High School for visual arts, at the sector for feature film and had shot a great number of shorts as director and cinematographer. With his Diploma film LOVE he got in 2000 the Golden German Award. Then he started working as professional cinematographer. With the director Ulrich Kohler he shot 3 films: BUNGALOW (2002), WINDOWS ON MONDAY (2006), SLEEPING SICKNESS (2011). His other films are: A LITLLE BIT OF FREEDOM (2003), SUMMER OF 04 (2006), KARGER (2007), LUKS HAPPINESS (2009), GOLD (2013). He is also Docent for camera at the Berlin Film and TV Academy/DFFB and the Media School of Hamburg/HMS.





BANG GANG une histoire damour moderne 3 1BANG GANG (A MODERN LOVE STORY)
France - 2015

Director&Scr.: Eva HUSSON
Cinematographer: Mattias TROELSTRUP
Editor: Emilie ORSINI
Music: White Sea
Producers: Didar DOMEHRI, Laurent BAUDENS, Gael NOUAILLE
Prod.Co.: FULL HOUSE, Canal +, Orange Cinema Series (all France)
R.t.: 98 min.
Language: француски/French

Finnegan OLDFIELD (Alex)
Marilyn LIMA (George)
Lorenzo LEFEBRE (Gabriel)
Daisy BROOM (Laetitia)
Fred HOTIER (Nikita)

Pretty girl George falls in love with Alex, a boy who lives in a villa by himself. It quickly becomes the school’s hangout. Alcohol, drugs and porn are consumed copiously there. The kids are well-to-do YouTubing and chatting French adolescents in sunny Biarritz…

Matthias Screen Shot 2016 07 06 at 19.28Mattias TROELSTRUP, cinematographer:
Member of DFF/Danish Federation of Photographers, studied still photography from an early age. Worked as a freelance cinematographer for all the major production companies in Copenhagen. When he came to the AFI/American Film Institute in 2008, he was already one of Danish National TV’s leading documentary cinematographers. His application at AFI, the short feature SEE YOU, later was shortlisted for an Academy Award. During his AFI time he shadowed DP Michael Goi/ASC and Lance Acord/ASC, during their work on feature films. Upon graduating from AFI, in 2010 he was nominated for his short film CLEAR BLUE at the Plus Camerimage student competition. Long feature film ELECTRICK CHILDREN directed by Rebecca Thomas, earned him in 2012 his second Plus Camerimage nomination for Best Cinematography. In 2015 he shot Jared Hess’s Sundance film DON VERDEAN. The same year, Eva Husson’s BANG GANG premiered at TIFF/Toronto Film Festival, then at the LFF/London Festival of the Festivals.


Poland - 2016

Director&Scr.: Tomasz WASILEWSKI
Cinematographer: Oleg MUTU
Producers: Piotr KOBUS, Agnieszka Drewno
Prod.Co.: MANANA, Warszawa, Poland
R.t.: 104 min.
Language: Polish

Julia KIJOWSKA (Agata)
Magdalena CIELECKA (Iza)
Dorota KOLAK (Renata)
Lukasz SIMLAT (Jacek)

It is the beginning of the 1990s and Polish society is trying to redefine itself after years of stagnation. Schools are being named “Solidarnosc”, the first West German spa visitors are bringing hard currency into the country, porn videos are doing the rounds and TV constantly repeats images of the trial of Romanian dictator Ceausescu. But private emotions remain untouched by these external changes: all the hopes and longings, caught between work, family and religion, desire and abstinence…

Oleg MutuOleg MUTU, cinematographer:
Born 22 July 1972 in Chisinau, Moldova. Studied cinematography at the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” (UNATC) in Bucharest, Romania and graduated in 1998. In 2003 together with director/writer Cristian Mungiu and director/writer/actor/musician Hanno Hofer, he founded the production company “Mobra Films”. He was the cinematographer of the group of most successful Romanian films, worldwide awarded at the festivals: THE DEATH OF Mr.LAZARESCU (2005, directed by Cristi Puiu), Golden Palm Winner 4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS by his close friend Cristian Mungiu, and then again Cannes Competition selected films: BEYOND HILLS (2012, by Cristian Mungiu) and IN THE FOG (2012 by Serghei Loznitsa). He has in post-production 4 new films.


New Zealand - 2016

Director: Lee TAMAHORI
Scr.: John COLLEE (based on the book by Witi Ihimaera)
Cinematographer: Ginny LOANE
Editors: Michael HORTON, Jonathan WOODFORD-ROBINSON
Producers: Robin SCHOLES, Janine DICKINS
Prod.Co.: JUMP FILM AND TELEVISION, Auckland, New Zealand
R.t.: 103 min.
Languages: Maori, English

Temuera MORRISON (The Patriarch/Mahana)
Akuhate KEEFE (Simeon Mahana)
Nancy BRUNNING (Ramona Mahana)
Jim MORIARTY (Rupeni Poata)
Regan TAYLOR (Joshua Mahana)
Maria WALKER (Huria Mahana)

It is the 1960s. Two Maori families, the Mahanas and the Poatas, make a living shearing sheep on the east coast of New Zealand. The two clans, who are bitter enemies, face each other as rivals at the annual sheep shearing competitions. Simeon is a 14-year-old scion of the Mahana clan, he rebels against his authoritarian grandfather Tamihana and his traditional ways of thinking and begins to unravel the reasons for the long-standing feud between the two families…

Giny LoanneGinny LOANE, cinematographer:
Ginny/Virginia is one of the rare New Zealander woman-cinematographer. Her credits count up to now 23 films of which 17 shorts and 6 long feature. At the beginning of her career, in 2003, she shot her first long feature film CHRISTMAS, directed by Gregory King, with whom she then shot another two: A SONG OF GOOD (2008) and SHOPING (2013). The experienced leading New Zealander director Lee Tamahori, invited her to shoot his latest film THE PATRIARH, premiered in the Berlinale Competition 2016.


belgica filmloverss1BELGICA
Belgium, France - 2016

Director: Felix van GROENINGEN
Scr.: Arne SIERENS, Felix van GROENINGEN
Cinematographer: Ruben IMPENS
Editor: Nico LEUNEN
Music: Soulwax
Producer: Dirk IMPENS
Prod.C.: MENUET PRODUCTIES (Belgium/Flanders); PYRAMIDE PROD. (France)
R.t.:126 min.
Languages: Flemish, Dutch

Stef AERTS (Jo)
Tom VERMEIR (Frank)

Brothers Frank and Jo haven’t been in contact for years, but Frank starts working in his younger brother’s bar, which turns out to be a great move. The dance floor groans under the weight of the packet crowd, rock’n’roll splashes of the sweaty walls and, when the dark night takes over, it’s the place to let off steam. The Belgica becomes a club where the sky really is the limit-the intoxication and addiction to this frenzied lifestyle happen much faster than expected…

Ruben ImpensRuben IMPENS, cinemastographer:
One of the most experienced Belgian/Flemish cinematographer. Mostly works in duet with the director Felix van Groeningen, since their first film STEVE+SKY in 2004. Then they keep collaborating successfully in the films: WITH FRIENDS LIKE US (2007), MISFORTUNATES (2009, 7 International awards), OXYGEN (2010, 9 International and Belgic film awards), THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN (2012, Belgian Nomination for the Foreign Oscar, plus 33 national and international awards).




ZLATN A PETORKA DSC95741111GOLDEN FIVE (closing film - out of competition)
Republic of Macedonia, 2016

Director: Goran TRENCHOVSKI
Scr.: Eleonora VENINOVA (Based on the book of Bratislav TASHKOVSKI)
Cinematographer: Apostol TRPESKI
Editors: Andrija ZAFRANOVIC, Aristid FILAKTOV
Music: Drako SPASOVSKI, Goran KERKEZ
Producer: Dejan MILOSHEVSKI
Prod.Co.: Revolution-Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
R.t.: 83 min.
Language: Macedonian

Petar ARSOVSKI (Old Gigi)
Igor ANGELOV (Young Gigi)
Jana STOJANOVSKA (Young Kata)
Ljupka DZUNDEVA (Old Kata)
Nenad MILOSAVLJEVIC (Old Alavantie)
Vasil MIHAIL (Young Alavantie)

Maki, Kata and Gigi are loyal friends who believe in their youthful ideals. However, when Maki and Kata announce their engagement, Gigi becomes jealous. In the period of the communist liquidation, in 1951, there is an unsolved murder of five students, one of them being Maki. A half century later, Alavantie, as a witness and a researcher, returns to his hometown Strumica with the “Golden Five” dossier. His secrets and knowledge bring additional tension in Kata and Gigi’s marriage ...

Apostol TRPESKI, cinematographer:
Born in 1948 in Tetovo. He graduated Film and TV cinematography at the Academy of Theater, Film and Television at the Zagreb University, Croatia. Between 1971- 1992 he has worked in the Macedonian National Television, as a camera operator and cinematographer. Since 1992 he has worked as a professor and Head of the Cinematography Department at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. He has worked as a professional since 1984, he has shot films and TV projects from various genres.
FILMOGRAPHY (selected): WONDERFULL WORLD (1993, part of the omnibus “Light gray”/”Светло сиво”; GIPSY MAGIC (1997); UNDER (2004,TV Film); DELIRIUM (2009, TV film); TO THE HILT/ДО БАЛЧАК (2014).