23-30 September 2017


PHAEDON PAPAMICHAELPhedon PAPAMICHAEL, GSC/ASC,Cinematographer, director - Jury President (US/GREECE)


Born February 1962, in Athens, Greece. Moved with his family in Germany, where in 1982 he completed his education in Fine Arts, in Munich. Working as a photojournalist brought Phedon to NYC in 1983, where he started crossing over into cinematography. His first feature film, the 35mm B&W SPUD, earned him the Award for Best Cinematography at the Cork Film Festival, Ireland. Following a call from John Cassavetes, his cousin and later collaborator, Phedon moved to Los Angeles, where he began his career as DoP for Roger Corman, for whom he photographed 7 feature films within 2 years. Phedon now counts over 40 feature films to his credits as DoP, including the early blockbusters WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING, COOL RUNNINGS and PHENOMENON, all directed by Jon Turteltaub. His credits include many critically acclaimed films, such as UNSTRUNG HEROES (Un Certain Regard, Cannes 1995, dir. Diane Keaton) and UNHOOK THE STARS, starring Gena Rowlands and directed by Nick Cassavetes; THE MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL (2000), by Wim Wenders, won the Grand Jury Prize/The Silver Bear at the Berlinale as well as the Golden Camera. 27 MISSING KISSES, by Oscar Nominated filmmaker Nana Djordjadze, earned him also the Kodak Vision Award for Best Cinematography. In 2001 Phedon shot MOONLIGHT MILE, by Brad Silberling, it was followed by IDENTITY by James Mangold, and the Oscar-nominated SIDEWAYS (ACADEMY AWARD WINNER: Best Screenplay), directed by Alexander Payne. His credits continued with THE WEATHERMAN, by Gore Verbinski (with Reese Witherspoon, who won the Oscar for her performance). Phedon also shot the Academy Award nominated western 3:10 TO YUMA, by James Mangold and the blockbuster PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS. In 2008 he photographed Oliver Stone’s W and worked again with Mangold on KNIGHT AND DAY. Then he shot 2 of the most award-winning films of 2011: Alexander Payne’s THE DESCENDANTS, THE IDES OF MARCH by George Clooney. For his gorgeous B&W lensing on the highly acclaimed NEBRASKA by Alexander Payne (6 Oscar Nominations), Phedon received an Oscar, BAFTA and ASC nominations, winning the BSC Award amongst other honors. His latest films are: THE MONUMENTS MEN (2014), THE NUNTSMAN: A WINTERS WAR (2016) and is in production on new Payne’s film DOWNSIZING. Early in his career Phedon directed and photographed the film DARK SIDE OF GENIUS (1993) and before only directed THE SKETCH ARTIST (1991). He returned to directing in 2007 with FROM WITHIN and his forth directing effort was ARCADIA LOST, following up with LOST ANGELES and in 2016 he directed the short film A BEAUTIFUL DAY.


Claire PijmanClaire PIJMAN, NSC, Cinematographer, director-member (Netherlands)

Studied and graduated (1986-1990) cinematography at the Dutch Film and TV Academy in Amsterdam. She considers Robby Muller her mentor and most important inspiration, since he taught her a great deal more about cinematography. For the BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB, by Wim Wenders, she operated one of the cameras for Muller, that led to a long-time friendship and apprenticeship with him. Besides cinematography she also directs and shoots her own documentaries. FOOT ON THE MOON (1999) is a short documentary Claire made on the set of Lars von Trier’s DANCER IN THE DARK about Robby as DoP and the film was an extraordinary venture because some scenes were filmed with hundred cameras at once, taking us behind scenes. She also shot the feature films JERMAL (entirely shot on a Jermal fishing platform in the middle of the sea near the Indonesian island Sumatra), GOOD MORNING KARACHI and CHOTAY SHAH. Currently she is working on the feature length documentary about Robby and his work and collaborated on a grand exhibition on him in the EYE film museum in Amsterdam (from June 4th until Sep. 4th 2016), for which she made the interviews with the most important directors in Robby’s career: Wim Wenders, Lars von Trier, Jim Jarmusch and Steve McQueen, as well as editing Robby Muller’s private archive. Her film TALKING GUITARS, also featured at the IDFA and HotDocs festivals, revolves around Flip Scipio, a master guitar maker for musicians like Paul Simon, Jackson Browne and Carly Simon.

alinportrait 2Alin TASCIYAN, Film critic and publicist-member (Turkey)

Born in 1969 in Istanbul. She was graduated from the University of Istanbul with a BA in journalism and public relations in 1991. She began working for the Milliyet Art Review and Milliyet daily newspaper the same year. During the sixteen year period in this media group she has been a correspondent, film critic and the editor of the Art Review. Meanwhile, she made various cinema programs for the cultural channel of the Turkish Radio and Television TRT 2, including the Magic of Cinema which screened almost 500 classic films for 10 years. She programmed and presented the Thematic Films Ribbon for the news channel 24, between 2007-2012. She has also been a film critic and columnist for the Star daily newspaper, 2008-2015. Tasciyan has been an advisor and programmer for all the major film festivals in Turkey. She has served in many national and international film festival juries. She is a member of the EFA/European Film Academy. After the very successful first mandate, at this year’s GA/General Assembly of FIPRESCI, at the Bari Film Festival, she was unanimously reelected and is currently old/new President of the International Federation of Film Critics-FIPRESCI.


5. Gokhan TiryakiGokhan TIRYAKI, cinematographer-member (Turkey)

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, 1972. He worked for the national TV station/TNT and joined the production of several TV films and documentaries as a cameraman between 1991 and 1996. Since 1996, he has been working as a cinematographer. As a creative tandem partner with the leading Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan, he also became a worldwide respected and multi-awarded cinematographer at many international festivals. Their new common great success is the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival 2014, for the film WINTER SLEEP. As cinematographer, he participated in the main competition of Manaki Brothers before with the films: THREE MONKEYS (2008, at the 29th edition, when he got The Special Award of Mosfilm and Special Mention by the Main Jury) and ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA (2011, at the 32nd edition). His other achievements in cinematography are: 2015 SIYAD/Turkish Film Critics Association-Best Cinematography with WINTER SLEEP; 2014 SIYAD-Best Cinematography with THE DREAM OF BUTTERFLY; 2012 Durban Int. Film Festival, South Africa-Best Cinematography with ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA; 2012 Daily Halfway Awards, USA-Best Cinematography with ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATALIA; YESILCAM AWARDS-Turkey-Best Cinematography with ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA; APSA/Asia Pacific Screen Award for ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA (2011); YESILCAM AWARD for Best Cinematography for THREE MONKEYS (2009); THAILAND WORLD FILM FESTIVAL for CLIMATES (2006) and Indie Wire Ballot: Critics voting for Gokhan Tiryaki, Best Cinematography with CLIMATES.




Vladimir SAMOILOVSKI, cinematographer-member (Republic of Macedonia)


Born in Skopje in 1953. One of the best Macedonian cinematographers from the middle generation with excellent results. A fortunate circumstance in his career and professional development was the fact that he could draw on the extensive experience of his father who belonged to the generation of founders of Macedonian cinema - cinematographer Misho Samoilovski, whose films he worked on as camera operator when he was starting out. Since 1976 he worked for the production company Vardar Film, first as assistant camera operator, and then as camera operator. Some of the more prominent films that he worked on as assistant camera operator are: HAPPY NEW YEAR '49 (1978), LEAD BRIGADE (1980), TIME LEADS (1980), while he worked as camera operator on: HI-FI (1987) and TATTOO (1991). He debuted as a cinematographer with the feature films MACEDONIAN SAGA in 1993, which earned him the award of best newcomer at the 14 Manaki Brothers Festival, as well as the Bronze Camera 300 from the International Jury. So far he has 17 credits as a cinematographer, one third of which are shorts while the rest are feature films.
FILMOGRAPHY (selected): LIGHT GRAY (1993, the story of "Devil in the Heart"); ANGELI NA OTPAD (1995); GOODBYE TO THE 20TH CENTURY (1998); JOY OF LIFE (2001, documentary), BETA (2001, short); ILLUSION (2004); MOTHERS (2010); MY FATHER (2013), AMOK (2016).